Who We Are

Miami EdTech® is an education technology non-profit on a mission to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit within today’s educators. Substantiated by a flourishing teacher-tech-centric ecosystem and mutually beneficial cross-sector partnerships, Miami EdTech envisions a world where innovative technologies redefine education with real-world, scalable solutions. Leveraging bespoke programming – including Miami EdTech Accelerator, Social Innovation & Entrepreneurial Leadership ‘S.I.E.L.’ Incubator, and EdXpert powered by Microsoft – Miami EdTech and its partners work to address systemic challenges in education, provide a means for today’s educators to turn their tech-enabled solutions into successful enterprises, and advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in computer science education.  

Our Values

We believe that the most transformational education innovations are born when they are developed in partnership with those most impacted by education— parents, learners, administrators and teachers. We are also Miamians and believe in celebrating our city’s diverse culture and spirit. We attribute Miami being ranked #1 in startup activity in the U.S. to our diversity, strength of character, passion and resourcefulness.

At Miami EdTech, our values and beliefs are built upon a simple idea that unites the two notions above. By establishing a genuine and multifaceted connection between Miami’s vibrant technology sector and today’s educators… we can redefine education for the better.

Our Mission

To ignite the entrepreneurial spirit within today’s educators.

Our Vision

To create a world where innovative technologies redefine education with real-world, scalable solutions.

Our Priorities

A Teacher-Centric Focus

We are devoted to teachers.

We believe that tapping into the entrepreneurial spirit of today’s educators will unleash truly transformative and inspiring results.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

We are devoted to equality.

We believe in increasing the number of computer science educators who are of color, increasing access to computer science for students of color, and advancing edtech initiatives to support founders of color.

Digital Skills for Lifetime Success

We are devoted to closing the digital skills gap.

We believe that building a teacher’s capacity to deliver top-tier computer science and technology-enabled lessons in their classroom will better equip students for 21st century success.

Authenticity & Integrity

We are devoted to making a difference.

We believe in the rights and dignity of others, transparency, and conducting ourselves with integrity in everything we teach and do.